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Content Marketing


The presence of the brands in online news media makes a profound impact on their advertising process.

With its access to thousands of online journalists and online media across the country, and over 700,000 international online media, NOXEL provides the right place to produce and distribute content in reliable online news media.

Also, presence in the media, indirectly increases the control power over the public mind and allows crisis management and also increases the brand credibility.

Access to thousands of online journalists and online media across the country.
Provide the news feedback at the domestic media level.
Access to over 700,000 international journalists and foreign media.
Publishing in the world’s major news agencies and media.
Simultaneously publishing in the Google News.
Targeting: subject, geography, time.


To reach the audience and attract attention to your brand message, you should be at the top of the search engine list. In order to achieve this, sometimes you need to advertise directly at a cost to search engines. In this case, by spending on specific keywords, your content will move to the top of the list.

It can be complicated to find out which keywords are most relevant to your cost and to be focused on, and how to manage your cost in the process.

With the latest useful tools and knowhow of its experts, after exploring the business landscape and its website, NOXEL launches SEM campaign intelligently.

By targeting the right keywords, displaying your content to the right audience and getting closer to your goals by reaching the audience.

Native Ads

In this way of advertising, the content of the advertisement is purposefully managed, categorized and placed to be viewed alongside related content. This kind of advertising is made in such a way that it is sometimes even complicated to get the idea that the content which was shown to the audience is aimed for advertisement or not, therefore, its impact is very high.

NOXEL delivers this service in an intelligent way with access to all content distribution platforms to enhance digital advertising.


Even though, much time and money are spent on content creation. Sometimes you will be having trouble getting the attention of the right audience.

By using the RSS campaign, you can present your website content for more audience and affect more users.

In this form of advertising, the content of your blog or website is presented in the banner displaying websites related to the field of your activities so that in addition to increasing the traffic volume of your website, it is easier and faster to send your message to the users and target audience.

NOXEL’s unlimited access to all these websites, will provide the right context for viewing content and increasing the volume of website traffic.

Targeting: subject, Geography, time


Display Ads on Publisher’s Websites


All publisher websites have specific positions for displaying banner ads, as well as in mobile versions of their websites. NOXEL with unlimited access to these special places, displays banner ads in targeted publisher’s websites related to the field of business activity, aimed at attracting their audience’s attention.

– Monthly display of 18 billion banners on international websites

– View more than 10 billion banners on domestic websites

– Access to over 190,000 displaying websites

Targeting: subject, geography, time

Video Ads


NOXEL’s access to proper places for displaying video ads on websites allows you to easily make videos viral by displaying them on related websites. Video ads on websites are displayed in two ways. In the first method, expandable banners which are expanding banners containing videos and second one is pre-roll, displaying them as previews of related videos for users and target audiences to watch.

– Access to over 15,000 users and video viewers

– Daily 5,000,000 video ads

Targeting: subject, geography, time, mobile phone operating system


In-App Banner Ads 


The display of banners in the applications and in the popular domestic and international games is targeted to attract the attention of a large number of application users.

In this case, your banner ads will be displayed at certain places designed in the applications.

Targeting: Subject, Geography, Time, Cellular Operator, Operating System

In-App Video Ads


Targeted display of in-app video ads is in the form of expandable banner and video pre-roll as a preview of the various stages of the app. Based on experience, video advertising within apps has an extraordinary effect on users..

Target: Subject, Geography, Time, Cellular Operator, Operating System

Social Media

Influencer Marketing


Influencers know the social media users and they know that how should communicate with them in the best way. They are popular and important in digital world and actually they are the media.

NOXEL with full access to social media influencers, after checking brands values, suggests most effective and relevant influencers according to the businesses goals and social media statics

NOXEL categorized influencers based on their engagement rate and occupation with access to their insights.

Advertising on popular social media channels


With limitless access to the effective Instagram and telegram channels. you can bring your content among the innumerable social media users.

NOXEL provides the best platforms and suggest the most effective channels to promote your advertising content in social media.

Target: Subject, Geography, Time, Cellular Operator, Operating System

Instagram sponsor ad


Instagram sponsor ad is one of the best way for impress social media users.

Using sponsor ad let you target your exact audiences on Instagram and show your visual content to the right audiences.

With Instagram sponsor ad you can link your post to your website or anywhere you want which is gold on Instagram.

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