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Design & Strategic Consulting | Procurement & Construction management | System Integration & Operation | Facilities Management & Maintenance

Design & Strategic Consulting

NOXEL SMARTX provides strategic consulting to project developers, manufacturers, integrators that entering the advanced building projects. We aid our clients in understanding the market place, align their products and services to meet customers’ needs, develop partnerships, and create an overall business strategy. NOXEL team of engineers, work with building owners to develop a Mockup to prove their conceptual design and demonstrate their integrated systems.

Procurement & Construction management

With access to the most recent technology at competitive prices, NOXEL SMARTX synchronize solution procedures with the project delivery team to guarantee project installation within contractual time frame.

SMARTX prepares and review the project construction drawings for new or retrofit projects up to highest level of development using building information modeling.

Upon project confirmation, our team will assure each aspect of the solution is executed in accordance with the overall project code and standards within the contractual project time frame.

These services are include monitoring the progress, assuring minimum impact on project goals and completion date.

System Integration & Operation

Skills and expertise of NOXEL team, makes complex implementation process of buildings with advanced systems easier. Lessons learned from our previous projects, improves advanced systems installation and increases their components commissioning accuracy to guarantee projects smooth deployment.

SMARTX works with the project teams to provide customized system guide lines and training. These guides optimize system functionality, establish daily processes and increase systems, staff and management performance.

Facilities Management & Maintenance

Familiarity and knowledge of the products together with our skilled maintenance staff will allow the flawless installation and performance of the chosen equipment. Product knowledge of NOXEL SMARTX team, combined with skills of our maintenance team guarantees project smooth takeoff and steady performance. In addition to protect project assets and exceed their solutions durability, NOXEL offers number of warranties and maintenance schemes with extended periods. NOXEL SMARTX smart method of design development, provides project documents and information modeling with maintained accuracy, all through project lifecycle. These documents are important to implement an effective monitoring guidelines and delivering preventive maintenance policies.

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