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NOXEL CAPITAL invests in great entrepreneurs with bold ideas that are determined to build companies with lasting significance. We respect entrepreneurs’ who fierce independence, and strive to be a trusted, long-term partners. Our goal is to identify and finance early stage and/or start-up companies worldwide lend them the path of success. NOXEL capital has established a subsidiary company “AtistanCube” working as an accelerator and incubator specializing in growth strategy for high technology start-ups. Our strategy is to identify the point where market demand and technology intersect and to identify the best positioned company with the vision, product offering, and management team to capitalize on this opportunity. Specifically, the key elements of our investment strategy include: serving as a lead investor, focusing within our domain; backing proven management teams; utilizing a venture partner team; and leveraging our wide range of global network. We are your active partners who would do everything we can for the companies we invest in.

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