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NOXEL | : Hikaru regarding Kyosuke and Madoka
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: Hikaru regarding Kyosuke and Madoka

04 Aug : Hikaru regarding Kyosuke and Madoka

Revenge Road is a Kimagure Orange Road fanfic with the distinction of being one of the most infamous revenge fics on the internet. In it, Hikaru, having been rejected by Kyosuke, tries one last desperate attempt to get together with Kyosuke. When that fails due to her having been with an impostor, she snaps and murders the real Kyosuke and Madoka. Ax Crazy: Hikaru Big “NO!”: As Kyosuke realizes the dream is in fact, becoming reality. Boom, Headshot: Hikaru’s method of killing Madoka, something of a mercy compared to. Cold Blooded Torture: Kyosuke suffers an agonizing death from being stabbed in the throat, then tortured to death with knives. Cruel and Unusual Death: Kyosuke. Despair Event Horizon: Hikaru crosses it after the real Kyosuke returns. Evil Laugh: Hikaru, often in mid narration. Green Eyed Monster: Hikaru, jealous of the happiness Kyosuke and Madoka share more than Madoka for having Kyosuke. If I Can’t Have You.: Hikaru regarding Kyosuke and Madoka.”But if I wasn’t ever going to be happy again, then I would make sure that they wouldn’t be alive to enjoy their happiness.”

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