NOXEL | About Us
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NOXEL was found in 1999 in Switzerland by Farbod Sadeghian and has accomplished a salient and consecutive success through out the globe.  NOXEL has combined a state-of-the-art engineering and cutting edge technologies to overcome the expertise on four main divisions delivering solutions consist of:  Home and Building Automation, IT Development, Media & Digital Marketing and Venture Capital.

Beginning in 1999, NOXEL first started out specializing in unique and high-end home automation systems that centralized every electronic aspect in a modern home for ease of controlling. Later on NOXEL established a Media Agency focused on Print, Digital and Event Marketing known as 360 Celsius established in Malaysia. Another recent production of NOXEL group is Media Cube a Digital Media Agency working toward world-standard services, revolutionizing the world of Digital Marketing. NOXEL moved forward in time and gradually developed other outstanding specialties, these achievements led to the ability of stand-alone VC and has patent Atistan Cube a Venture Capital – Accelerator & Incubator organization supporting various stages of start-ups.

NOXEL expansion has allowed partnership with many certified dealers and distributors around the world, globalizing the reach of its cutting edge technology and has delivered numerous projects on three continents. Despite many challenges have been made by revolutionary IT changes in the last decade, our vision, “To develop innovative technologies that simplify the way people live”, has always remained the same.

Mission and value


NOXEL’S mission is to deliver maximum business value to its clients. We contribute elite satisfaction delivering solutions through designing, developing, implementing and maintaining the services efficiently aligned with its client’s essential needs. At NOXEL we value clients and employee satisfaction, social and business environments. Additional to that we also value the use of industry’s best practices to unleash the prospects of our employee for a premium performance. Detaching communication barriers for elite services and creating trust and increase operational efficiency is also a feature at NOXEL. We dedicate excellence throughout the life of our client relationships and we deliver through ability to continually win over the most demanding clients.